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Accreditata MUR con D.M. 02/12/2005
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In compliance with the provisions of Law no. 17 of 1999 and Law no. 170 of 2010, the Telematic University IUL has set up an Office for students with disabilities and specific learning disorders (SLD).

This office was created with the aim of guaranteeing the right to study, equality and social integration, and providing support to enrolled students with disabilities and SLD until graduation.

The role of the office is to:

1) welcome, guide and tutor: each student will receive the support they need for the entire duration of their university career;

2) mediate with the educational organization: for those who request it, it will be possible to activate dispensatory measures/compensatory tools and promote educational success (Law no. 17 of 1999; Law no.170 of 2010; and Ministerial Decree of 12 July 2011).

Services offered for enrolled students:

1) dedicated advice through online meetings;

2) preparation of a personalized didactic plan (PDP);

3) Activation of dispensatory measures and compensatory instruments, also for exams;

4) people with disabilities, with recognition of disabilities pursuant to art. no.3, paragraph 1, of Law no. 104 of 1992, or with a disability equal to or greater than 66% are not required to pay university fees, except for stamp duty.

Documentation to be submitted:

Certification of disability equal to or greater than 66%, pursuant to Law no.104 of 1992;

SLD certification issued by the National Health Service or by an accredited body. The diagnosis must not exceed 3 years from the issuing of the certificate and must be updated after the age of 18.

University staff:

  • Rectors’ Delegate for problems related to disability and Specific Learning Disorders (SLD):

Prof. Immacolata Messuri

  • Instructors in charge of and specialized in problems associated with disability and Specific Learning Disorders (SLD):

Ms. Sara Mori, Ms. Silvia Panzavolta and Mr. Tommaso Fratini

  • Academic office staff:

Ms.  Linda Fabrini


SLD office

Telematic University of Studies IUL

Via M.Buonarroti 10 – 50122 Florence


Italian National University Conference of Rectors’ Delegates for Students with Disabilities and SLD Guidelines