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During the period of study, the University favours the opportunity to get in touch with the world of work. The University has in fact developed relationships with professional realities in every sector: companies, training institutions, schools and educational institutions of all types and levels.

The outgoing guidance service is aimed at undergraduates and graduates who are experiencing the transition phase from the university to the world of work, in order to facilitate their integration into the world of work, through placement actions. The outgoing orientation will offer graduates information on how to take their first steps into the world of professions, learn about the job market, seize opportunities or redeploy.

The University Placement service is connected to the outgoing guidance service.

The service offers:

  • meetings with companies/organizations to promote internships/traineeships;
  • inclusion of graduates’ curricula in the University database accessible to businesses;
  • an overview of the main professional careers that can be accessed from the University’s study courses and the links between academic training and professional activities;
  • Channels and research methods for study, work and internship opportunities through the University Placement service;
  • presentation of the main cultural exchange programmes;
  • annual day dedicated to Career Day.
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