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Accreditata MUR con D.M. 02/12/2005
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The National Association of Relational Counsellors A.N.Co.Re is a professional trade association, aimed at the protection and professional enhancement of ANCoRe Relational Counsellors through the verification of members’ skills and compliance with the ethical rules.

The Association constitutes the Professional List of Relational Counsellors and is governed by Law no. 4 of 2013, is made up exclusively of Counsellors and provides its members with professional, legal, tax and insurance advice.

ACSI is an association that operates throughout the country, established in 1960 with more than 50 years of activity in the field of sports, social, cultural and leisure promotion.

ACSI is recognized by CONI as a Sports Promotion Body, by the Ministry of the Interior as a National Body with welfare purposes, by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies as a Social Promotion Body, it is a member of the CSIT Confederation Sportive Internationale du Travail (International Labour Sports Confederation), a body recognized by the IOC. It is recognized by the Italian Paralympic Committee, is a member of the IOST (International Organization of Social Tourism), a member of the Third Sector Forum, a member of the FICTUS – Italian Federation of Cultural Tourist and Sports Bodies and is a member of the MECS Movement for Ethics, Culture and Sport.

In its capacity as a Sports Promotion Body, ACSI aims to spread sports practice in all disciplines according to educational and technical promotional principles, specifically addressing a broad social segment that includes all citizens, enabling the diffusion of sport practice for all, intended as a social service.

AGIDAE – Association of managers of Institutes Depending from the Ecclesiastical Authority – founded in 1960, is an association of institutes that carry out important apostolic activities also for the state, that is schools, student residences, nursing and care homes, holiday houses, retreat centres, dioceses, parishes, seminars, etc.

Created in 1930, AIB is the most important Italian professional association in the library sector. It is run by volunteers and is self-financed through association fees, professional courses and sale of publications.

AIB represents Italy in major international organisations (including EBLIDA, IFLA and IASL) and acts closely with other Italian and foreign associations and with the European Union, including the participation in Community projects. AIB is a member of CoLAP (Coordination of Professional Associations), UNI (Italian National Unification), Federculture, EDU – European Dewey User Group, and is partner of born to Read and Ibby Italy.

Asi Fitness Academy was created to meet the need for professionals in the sports sector. The Academy offers training courses, personalized consultancy for Personal Trainers and start-up services for Pt Studios and Fitness Centres.

The national small museums association was founded in 2007 with the aim of promoting a new management culture for small museums, in order to address their specific needs which differ from those of large museums, in particular regarding the relationship with the territory, the local community, welcoming capacity and ways to deliver unique customer experiences.

Athens School Italia is a cultural promotion agency active in vocational training, in school and university education since 2004.

As far as University is concerned, it implements orientation programmes, takes care of the matriculation process, offers didactic assistance for the entire duration of the degree course, significantly helping students to enter the university world.

Basket Roma has its roots in the north-east quadrant of the capital, on the historic parquet-floor court of Viale Kant, with a view to continuous expansion and growth. The two indoor courts and the external courts are the scenarios where every day the more than five hundred members of the club play in turns, constantly followed by their instructors and coaches. A project that is always ready for new challenges, on and off the court. A business pivoting around the growth of the athlete and the man.

For over 30 years, the Erickson centre of studies has been designing and offering innovative and quality training courses for teachers, headmasters,pedagogists, educators, psychologists, doctors, social workers, speech therapists, psychomotor skills specialists, social workers and all the professional staff working in the fields of education, disability and social work.

Each year, thanks to its ability to combine scientific rigour and practical experience, the Erickson Study Centre organises international conferences, post graduate courses, practical operational courses, technical seminars, study days, educational workshops, online courses and project training courses to promote knowledge and respond to the training needs of various professions, with particular attention to social and scholastic inclusion.

GIone is a new idea, a new project a new reality in the universe of advanced facility management services for the built-up environment and the territory.

GIone is born out of the merging of two company branches of EXITone S.P.A and Gestione Integrata S.r.l. historical players in the sector, and benefits of the participation of new partners, mainly operating in the sectors of green and smart economy, and experts on energy efficiency. Glone plans, manages and provides integrated and innovative services in support of all the main activities of all private enterprises and the public sector, focusing especially on serviceability and operability of services, innovation of technological infrastructures; energy efficiency, safety and health at work.

Formever Lab is an innovative start-up for social purposes operating in Foggia since 2016. It promotes and implements projects and lifelong training paths to favour the acquisition and the strengthening of key competences. Special attention is given to digital aspects and social innovation. It collaborates with numerous schools for orientation and training activities and provides training courses for school personnel recognised by the Miur as provided by law 170/2016 regarding didactic innovation, digital didactics, social and school inclusion. It is also included in the national register of companies for work experience schemes for school students.

Giunti Academy is a new important editorial initiative of Giunti Scuola in collaboration with IUL – l’Italian University Line, which offers high quality training courses to primary school teachers.

ISV Group is an organisation headquartered in Reggio Calabria, boasting  long-standing experience in the higher education sector, in Calabria and in the Strait area. ISV operates in the fields of higher education, mediation, arbitration, web applications and provides consultancy and services on a wide range of subjects. Since 2017, ISV Group has become the technological pole of IUL University, with the aim of offering students didactic orientation and support, thanks to specialised tutors.

Microsoft corporation is one of the world’s largest information technology companies. It was created in 1975 in the US and is active in Italy since 1984. Microsoft is mainly engaged in the production of software, devices, services and digital applications in the field of communication, information and entertainment. The company operates also in the field of education with the platform Microsoft education, conceived to offer learning services and tools for students, teachers, headmasters and for anyone wishing to acquire knowledge of the education and training sector. The platform hosts an online community, Microsoft Educator Community, with more than 100,000 teachers from different nationalities.

The partnership between Microsoft and IUL was established in 2018 with the aim of carrying out training activities addressed mainly to teachers. Starting from April 2018 there will be a jointly organised webinar cycle on the themes of education, didactic innovation, and new technologies for inclusive teaching.

The Network GTC is a network of professionals, consisting of training centres, associate studios, freelance professionals and partners whose aim is to disseminate their know-how. There are currently more than 500-member companies spread throughout the country. Founding members of the NetworkGTC are:

– Globalform, a training institute, accredited by MIUR and the Campania Region, as a Professional Training Credit Provider (CFP) for Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Agrarian Experts, Architects and Labour Consultants in their respective National Councils, and as a Continuing Medical Education Provider (ECM) recognised by Agenas.

– Infotel Sistemi, an ISO 9001 – OHSAS 18001 certified company, which has been working for over 25 years in the design, manufacture and marketing of software solutions for the field of occupational safety, used by both companies and public authorities and consultants in the field.


Poliarte is an Academy of Fine Arts based in Ancona with different territorial branches. It was founded in 1972 and is part of the AFAM art system of the Ministry of Education, University and Research. The academy offers bachelors’ degree courses. it collaborates with companies in the Marche region and with the main national industries. Moreover, since its beginning, Poliarte works also with IPSE, the European institute of Psychology and Ergonomics, in order to offer a more comprehensive educational provision and services.

The School of Roma is one of the leading training agencies and fundraising consultants in Italy. Since 2005, it has delivered more than 400 courses, trained 5,500 people from around 3,400 non-profit organizations and public bodies, assisting them in starting up and developing their own fundraising activity.

Its mission is to accompany development actors in making their social projects sustainable by providing training, assistance and knowledge on fundraising, being convinced that the growth of a fundraising culture increases the ability to ensure social development.

SG Plus Ghiretti & Partners is a team of highly qualified professionals who provide all-round services for the sports world. With twenty-year experience in the sector, it is in contact with all the stakeholders of the system: Companies, Public Bodies, Sports Institutions and Operators. It believes in the value of constant improvement, through study and research, in the creation of relationships, in the enhancement of sport as a means of human and social growth.

24ORE Business School is one of the main benchmarks in professional updating and professional training. Since 1991, it has developed a varied and differentiated educational provision to meet the needs of managers, professionals, companies and young people.

Its educational provision is specialised, innovative and multimedia, in line with the editorial strategies of the sole 24 ore group.

90% of its teachers come from companies and business consultancies. 10% are university professors.


Supporting customers in a qualified way to meet the different needs and challenges of the company implies having all-round managerial skills and keeping them constantly updated. What TALENT offers today, in the field of management consultancy, is the result of a systematic updating of its professionals and a careful cultivation and protection of a wealth of experience and skills accumulated over many years of professional work with our customers. A distinctive asset of TALENT is also the cultural ability to interact with the company’s top management, to grasp the internal dynamics with the right sensitivity, in the awareness that even the best idea needs a lot of care to take root.

The action of TALENT is to propose opportunities with the analysis of company needs and above all identifying the latent needs, to then propose an organic intervention plan that includes in an overall mix the consultancy and the training part in order to provide several elements synergically and at the same time. Our service stands out for areas of expertise and method. We develop the opposite qualities of your business, because the exchange of TALENTS feeds strategic innovation.

Tuttoscuola training courses are addressed to teachers, headmasters, school personnel, parents and students willing to delve into the main themes related to school life. Courses are available online and in person.