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In Florence, IARTEM the international conference on textbooks and educational media

Sociology of education, analysis of textbooks and development of educational media and educational publishing. These are just some of the themes of the 16th edition of the International Conference of IARTEM (International Association for Research on Textbooks and Educational Media) “Disciplinary and trans disciplinary knowledge and skills for an uncertain future. Are educational media up to it? “, which takes place from 6 to 8 April at the Chamber of Commerce in Florence. The event is promoted by the IARTEM association, in collaboration with INDIRE and IUL telematic university.

The conference is attended by scholars from all over the world who operate in the fields of textbooks, research and development of educational media and will emphasise their historical development and significance within the various political and cultural contexts. Furthermore, during the three days of study, the specificity of the relationship between the different educational media, between the paper and digital book, between open resources and the self-production of texts, to include also the use of educational media in the pandemic time, will be analysed. In total there are 110 interventions, included in 26 thematic panels. The 3 plenary sessions host internationally renowned speakers such as Gino Roncaglia, professor of Digital Publishing and Digital Humanities at Roma Tre University; Anne Mangen, professor at the Norwegian Reading Center, University of Stavanger, Norway, engaged in research on the relationship between digital reading and reading on paper, and Chair of the European research network (COST Action); and Gert Biesta, professor of Public Education at the University of Maynooth in Ireland, author of the books “The beautiful risk of education” and “A World-Centered Education: A View for the Present” (2021).

To conclude, in the 4 symposia scheduled, more general topics will be discussed, such as the challenges for the education of the future, gender issues in textbooks, co-research conducted with schools (the protagonists are some head teachers and teachers of the Avanguardie Educative movement) and the future perspectives of research in educational media.

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