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Accreditata MUR con D.M. 02/12/2005
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Educational model

IUL’s educational model is based on specific methods for online training with a flexible and customisable structure. Besides in-person activities relating to the traineeships, the teaching method foresees two types of online study: lecture based and interactive teaching methods.


Lecture based teaching:

  • Video-lessons;
  • web conferences or synchronous meetings with tutors and teachers;
  • study materials organised for didactic purposes provided on different kinds of web environments.

Interactive teaching 

  1. Didactical interventions of the teacher or the tutor addressed to the class or part of it in the form of demonstrations or additional information
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions);
  1. brief interventions of the students in the form of blogs and wikis.
  2. individual and collaborative e-tivities carried out by students and relative feedback;
  • Reports;
  • Exercises
  • Case studies
  • Problem solving activities
  • Web-quests (inquiry and search of web materials guided by the teacher);
  • Projects;
  • Questionnaires and progress tests.

Tutor: didactic tutors and path tutors always available to assist students

Teachers: Professors of the University of Florence and Indire’s researchers.


IUL, aiming at high quality online education, exceeds minimum standard and includes, in each ECTS, 5 hours of online lectures and 7 hours of interactive teaching, summing up to 12 hours of total teaching.

The credits distribution is summarised in the following chart:


ECTS credits hours of online lectures hours of interactive teaching
6 6 30
12 12 60


Lecture based teaching includes the total time for video tutorials and courseware (texts, audio, video, online exercise). Teachers choose, according to their method, in which proportion they want to make use of video tutorials, audio recordings, different formats of documents uploaded to the platform, and materials presented in blogs, wikis etc.